Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeled Bathroom


Master Suite - Family Hall Bath - Powder Room - Mud Room 1/2 Bath - Each one brings a different level of use, comfort, finish and design.

The bathroom should be the most personalized room in your home.

A place where you can be pampered and comforted. Your personal get away with room or a place for all those items you will use on a regular basis.

What you should expect is a properly designed and installed bathroom. Too many times I see bathrooms that were not planned properly from the start and create issues the user must deal with every time they use it. Properly venting your bathroom is a very important item that doesn't get the attention it deserves. An under vented bathroom will cause mold issues, cleaning issues, appearance issues and performance issues every time the bathroom shower is used. Sizing your bathrooms exhaust fan with the correct CFM's [cubic feet of air exhausted per minute] is very important.

The companies that create and supply items for the bathroom are going wild with new products. Staying informed on whats available and how well it performs is an important part of what the designer and installer bring to your project.